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Long Nose Pliers

Long Nose Pliers

VDE Pliers


DIN ISO 5745 IEC60900
▪ Forged with Cr-Mo steel. Made to last.
▪ Serrated jaws can grip flat and round objects.
▪ Cutters are hardened over 58HRC.
▪ Ultra smooth precisely riveted joint with no side play.
▪ Finely treated jaws can be twisted up to 180° with no breakage.


1. Long nose pliers are a type of multi-purpose hand tool used for gripping, holding, cutting, bending and forming materials such as wire, sheet metal and tubing.

2. The jaws of long nose pliers are typically tapered, allowing them to grip small objects while offering a wide range of sizes.

3. The handles of long nose pliers typically provide a comfortable grip and are designed to reduce hand fatigue during extended use.

4. Long nose pliers are ideal for use in automotive, electrical, and other repair work.

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